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Mlada's Humble Abode

Well, what can I say, but that this will be the home site for my creations.  I've had different pages, but I think in the end, I like this place better.  Its easier to update, and I don't have to deal with as many pop-ups (although I do have to deal with some...).  Here, I'll post my so-called "Creations" made with adobe photoshop, image ready, and other image programs used to make graphic art.  Mine is just a hobby, and its simple, so if you're looking for some really cool graphics that takes years to master, I'm afraid you're at the wrong place...~_~

There's nothing I hate more than people posting stuff that they think looks awesome when really its crap.  LOL, I'm just doing this as a hobby as well, so don't expect a great website either, as I know some HTML, but not a lot...

I'm thinking about posting my writing, but that gets a little more personal with my hobbies, so I'm even more critical of them.  I may post writings soon, later, or maybe never.  Just a little heads up just in case.  For the time being, the closest you'll ever get to knowing my writing is seeing the two main characters, which they are in the background sketch of mine.  Drake and Mlada are their names, and I'm aspiring to create The Chronicles of Drake and Mlada...well the name may improve in the future, but that's the current working title...I have three stories so far in plan, with all of them having a different type of fantasy theme: The first is an RPG-esque type of fantasy, the second a superhero type of fantasy, while the third is a vampire fantasy.  I have them all planned, but I just can't seem to write them out the way I like it.  To be quite honest, each of the the stories I would like to see in a different format, with the first being a video game, the second a comic, and the third being animated, but alas, I'm not a graphic designer, I'm not much of a comic artist, and I'm definitely not in animation...But hey, that's what dreams are for.  If maybe I could write all of them, they can be made the way I want them to be (that is if they are successful stories).

Anyway, that's enough rambling about my hobbies, enjoy my crappy art!  Mwahahahahahaha!

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My Fantastic Fanlistings!

I'm a fan of Violinist of Hameln!

I'm a fan of Hugue de Waltheau (aka: Sword Dancer) from Trinity Blood!

Definite Kanata Kara (From Far Away) Manga fan!  ^_^
Yay for the ultimate evil babe, Mistress Nine, as well as the strong but sensitive Sailor Jupiter!  Teehee...
Ah, my Leiji Matsumoto obsessions...

Newest manga craze...MeruPuri (Marchen Prince)...what a messed up storyline that I can relate to...LOL
Heh, I couldn't pick one...they both go to the same site...but ah, the wonderful sci-fi drama movie, Vampire Hunter D with the tragic couple, Charlotte and Meier...*sniffs*
I guess you can consider me a Tezuka fan, as Unico was my first experience into anime, and my major current obsession is the wonderful Black Jack series...